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Our values and beliefs stand for quality

CCE Services focuses on excellent cooperation with a large network of experienced partners and thus can offer cost effective conference and corporate event solutions to our clients. Key staff from the CCE team act as your main contact.


Our number one priority is delivering the best events to meet our clients’ needs. Before we get started we listen to our client. We want to understand our clients’ goals and requirements because we believe that one size does not fit all. We deliver a detailed project plan and budget that is agreed by both parties before work is started.


We develop tailor made solutions for corporate and academic clients, provide transparent services at fair prices and aim to build long-term collaborations and partnerships both with clients and suppliers.


We are at our clients’ service and believe that trust is not won, but earned though great communication, hard work and good project management. When doing our work we take small steps and accompany our clients along the organizational process and deliver them the best event for their stakeholders.


We understand that medical education and research is of great importance to healthcare professionals and that conferences and corporate events provide a platform for the exchange, delivery and propagation of medical education. The result of this exciting exchange is of upmost importance for the medical community, medical associations and the pharmaceutical industry to ensure that we all do the best for patients.